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Counter Threat Solutions offer procurement and consultancy services providing a solution that fits the client’s requirement whilst ensuring that it is easily sustainable and cost effective. Whether it be commercial or defence, we offer a comprehensive range of specialist consultancy, training and products at the cutting-edge of innovation and technology.  Due to our close client and end user relationships, CTS have developed a broad range of specialist solutions including a number of unique concepts and products that have been designed to overcome many of the challenges we face in ever changing times.

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Explosive Risk Management Ltd maintains a wide range of expertise within the company that stems from our ethos that our personnel are the key to our success.

Our personnel are High Threat Improvised Explosive Device Disposal, Search or Security subject matter experts with extensive experience in ammunition, ordnance and explosives (OME) Counter-IED (C-IED) and Counter-Threat.

This unique company expertise has been gained from service on deployed operations and homeland security posts (UK, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan). In addition to deployed operations ERM personnel have held key positions within the UK in their respective fields that identifies them as respected subject matter experts. The company has a global focus that enables structured consultancy, product or training solutions to meet any client requirement or threat in any country or region. ERM specialises in the expansion of a client’s capability to reduce or mitigate Counter-Hybrid Threats, increase resilience and reduce the impact of physical security related incidents to ensure rapid recovery from an attack.