About CPN Tracking and Search Limited

CPN Tracking and Search Ltd comprises of three director trainers, one of the director trainers has an extensive military background and is a fully qualified Crime Scene Investigator with over twenty years experience. He is also a member of the Forensic Science Society (FSSoc), a highly experienced Crime and Post Bomb scene manager and advanced exhibits officer (CBRN) who has attained his diploma in forensic investigation from Durham University.

The other two director trainers are former Warrant Officers, who have held the position of Training Wing Chief Instructors and as Senior Military Instructors with the British Army’s Training Team Brunei (TTB), the home of military tracking within the UK Armed Forces and recognised as the world leader in military tracking and Sign Awareness (SA), was Ground Sign Awareness (GSA).

All of CPN director trainers are highly qualified Trackers, Ground Sign Awareness and Tracking Instructors with over seventy years of tracking and teaching experience combined. This is including twenty years of Major Crime Scene Investigation work along with forensic search and recovery techniques, inclusive of sensitive site interpretation and exploitation.

CPN also has the ability and flexibility to call upon additional instructors who are the leaders in their given field, all of them having solid and dedicated backgrounds in tracking, GSA and multiple forensic disciplines that can assist CPN when required.

CPN’s origins stem from formulating and conducting Basic Ground Sign, Tracking and forensic Awareness courses for members of several UK national Crime Scene Investigation branches, the military and police forces. In 2004 the skill was formally recognised by the police in the form of a police commendation to one of CPN’s instructors.

Since 2001 CPN has developed and delivered bespoke tracking and GSA courses to Specialist  Covert Support Officers   from the majority of UK  police forces including the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and the Scottish Crime and Drugs Enforcement Agency (SCDEA).P9091677 300x225 About CPN Tracking and Search Limited

CPN has also trained elements of the Norwegian, German and British Special Forces in aggressive pursuit tracking techniques. In addition CPN has also trained footwear experts from the Forensic Science Service (FSS) as was, UK Special Branch (SB), Dog Handlers, firearms officers members of Tactical search Units, members of the National Search Faculty and the National Crime Squad (NCS) as was. More recently CPN has delivered a pilot course for the National Policing Improvements Agency (NPIA) covert training wing.

From 2003 until 2010 CPN had been embedded within the British Army as guest instructors and subject matter experts at TTB delivering tracking and GSA along with basic forensic recovery and exploitation of incident sites. CPN was contracted to deliver all GSA serge training of all UK military instructors throughout 2010.

(Post Visit Report CSIGSAC Ref JWW 327 01 June 05) is as follows; JWW will continue to focus on military tracking as we provide tracking instructors for the British Armed forces. As tracking evolves we may be able to utilise the skills taught on these courses to enhance the find function in all theatres of operations, particularly as the war on terrorism moves to a global scale, with terrorists getting harder to locate and convict. Ground sign awareness and tracking can help provide that valuable evidence and intelligence to help locate and make those convictions.

From 2010 to date CPN has been contracted to 29 EOD Search group and is seen as an integral part of their training requirement for the foreseeable future. CPN has developed a bespoke theatre specific Ground Sign and Tracking Awareness course for them. This is delivered to all High Risk Search team personnel (C-IED) prior to deployment into hostile environments.

Throughout 2013 CPN will also be delivering bespoke enhanced GSA and tracking training courses to all military Counter – Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) instructors from the Defence Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Munitions and Search Training Regiment (DEMS Training Regiment), this being the world wide recognised centre of expertise and excellence regarding C-IED and bomb disposal training. CPN has also secured the position with the RAF Regiment to deliver basic Combat Tracking Team courses for the next three years.

CPN prides itself on its professionalism in many different disciplines, which requires a complex mix of skills, knowledge and experience in order to carry out its role effectively. It is widely recognised that maintenance of skills and knowledge over time plays an important part in ensuring that standards of practice are current and that competence in the role is promoted.BRUMAR07 248 300x200 About CPN Tracking and Search Limited

The Forensic Science Society as the professional body for forensic practitioners both in the UK and overseas has a responsibility to ensure that quality standards are applied in forensic science practice. The Society’s formal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme plays an important role fulfilling this part, which CPN is a part of.

To this end CPN is the only company who have an independent endorsement from the Forensic Science Society in the Basic Ground Sign & Tracking Awareness arena.

This approval provides advantages to potential delegates confirming that the course material, trainers and delivery methods are of a very high standard. The course is fully compliant and meets the respective National Occupational Standards (NOS) laid down by the UK Government regarding skills for justice. CPN is also working toward being awarded the same level of CPD by The Forensic Science Society for its Level 2 course.